The Photography Ninja - Tracy Timmester

Meet one of our newest members, Tracy Timmester, owner of Timmester Photography.



At Timmester Photography they act like ninjas - they have the ability to disappear into the background and capture those authentic moments: the groom trying to hold back tears when he first sees his bride, mom smiling proudly during the ceremony, the bursts of laughter during the toasts, and the meaningful glances shared between the newlywed couple.


Tracy has over ten years of experience, first establishing her business in Washington, DC in 2006 and then moving to Chapel Hill, NC in 2016. Timmester Photography presently serves North Carolina, Virginia, and the Washington, DC area.


Outside of running her business, she loves spending time with her husband and three dogs. They go on long hikes with the pups and spend lots of time in their big backyard.


Help us welcome Tracy to the ILEA Raleigh-Durham Family! 


To learn more about Tracy + to take a peek at her work, go follow Timmester Photography!

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