(pre) First Annual Non Committee Gathering

Last night we had our FIRST ever ILEA RDU Non Committee gathering! And what a success it was! Shelley Pearson, VP of Membership opened her home up to us for this laid back and casual get-together. There were 2 brand new members, 1 that has just recently switched from student member to corporate member, 2 long term members and all 3 of the incoming chapter vp's!

We sat poolside, chowed down on pizza and spent the evening exhanging ideas, experiences within ILEA, and hopes for this next year! 

It's important to understand that the ILEA board members are all volunteers. And they work their tails off trying to recruit, promote and plan for an exciting year. We can't do it without the chapter members help and support! 

As incoming VP's, all finishing up their first year on the board, and are all somewhat new to ILEA, we have ideas. We have ideas about how we might make the Raleigh Durham chapter successful and continue to connect with the members and possibly shake things up. Enter..the Non-Committee. We understand that everyone has busy schedules, so our thought is that it's a lot to ask someone to commit to doing extra work ever month plus additional meetings. We know that's a lot, so that's why we're asking for help in a non-committal atmosphere. Can you help with registration? Can you make a few phone calls? Can you help set up chairs? Can you book sponsors for meetings? Can you write a blog post? Can you post to social media? All of these tiny little tasks are what keeps things running and we need everyone's help to do it! 

If you haven't heard it before, the most valuable thing you can do for yourself with your ILEA membership is to GET INVOLVED. Seriously, just get involved. It is the fastest and most effective way to get to know people. I mean the whole reason, you go to meetings is to meet people, correct? Well, helping out the chapter is the best way to do that. It immediately puts you, your company and your talent in front of the people that matter to you. 

Now, with that said. We know the summer is busy for everyone! And we know that we made a mistake by scheduling our meeting the same night as a NACE meeting (seriously, guys we're super sorry about that!) so we're gonna have another gathering in August (TBD) for those that were unable to make it last night, so keep your idea out for those details over the summer. In the meantime, if I have at all inspired you to get involved, and you're ready to help out, then please feel free to contact me diana@gridcstudio.com We have tons of stuff that you can do! Just let me know what you think you might be interested in (again, this isn't a contract, you don't have to do just one thing, remember it's a Non-Committee). 

Until next time,

Diana Lyubich, Director of Comm

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