Triangle Wine Experience

The Triangle Wine Experience (TWE) gala is an annual fundraiser hosted by the Frankie Lemmon Foundation (FLF) to benefit the Frankie Lemmon School & Development Center, which is one of the first preschools created in our area for children with special education needs.  The TWE event began in the 90s and has grown to be the largest fundraising event benefitting the school, which is solely run on private donations.  Our ISES chapter has had the unique opportunity to serve as the event planning and production management team for the TWE gala since 2001.  Our group organizes and partially donates: food, décor, rentals, lighting, and volunteer services – everything needed to transform a donated, non-event space into a black tie gala for 500+ guests.  The event usually includes a wine tasting, silent auction, live auction, entertainment and multiple food stations.

Chapter Impact of the TWE

The TWE gala is a critical part of our Chapter’s fundraising efforts. The volunteered time and services of our members to plan and manage the event earn our Chapter’s operating fund for the year. Our dynamic speakers and state-of-art education programs are made possible by these efforts.

The Triangle Wine Committee

The ISES-GT, Triangle Wine Committee is organized by discipline with each chairperson overseeing their area of expertise, per our Chapter’s Standard Operating Procedure for the gala. All committee chairs report to the Fundraising Chair. Committee positions include: Fundraising Chair, Catering Chair, Décor Chair, Technical Production & Finance Chair, Rentals Chair, Stage Manager, Entertainment Chair, Volunteer Chair, Student Volunteer Chair. ISES-GT members can serve as a committee chair, volunteer for the extensive set up and break down of the event or provide sponsorship through product or service donation to the event.

The Order of the Lemmon Award

Each year our Chapter President and TWE Committee recognize individuals who have shown extraordinary dedication and service to the Triangle Wine Experience Gala. Past recipients are:

2001-2002 Meg Economy
2002-2003 Sue Buday
2003-2004 Rick Bryda
2004-2005 Donna Anderson
2005-2006 Rick Bryda
2006-2007 Carol Klenke
2007-2008 Wil Kiser
2008-2009 Tracy Adams
2009-2010 Rick Bryda
2010-2011 Rick Bryda and Tracy Adams
2011-2012 Lewis Bordeau and Meridith Walters
2012-2013 Angie Wright and Ryan Pflumm
2013-2014 Bill Allen
2014-2015 Roger Ward

 2016 TWE ISES Contributing Companies

AFT Furniture Rental
Adams and Events, Inc.
American AV
B. Jarvah Photography
Bunn DJ Company
Catering Works
CE Rentals
Expressions of Love Florist
Fresh Affairs
Island Sound
Kate Pope Photography
La Cosa Bella Events
Lewis Bordeau Photography
McSound Productions
Party Reflections
Photography by Walters & Walters
Rocky Top Catering and Events
TCS Event Rentals
Total Production Services, Inc.
VIF International Education
Ward Productions
Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club
Weddings Magazine

The Triangle Wine Committee

Co-Chairs: Lewis Bordeau & Angie Wright
Volunteers & Stage Manager: Meridith Walters

Production: Rick Bryda
Catering: Bill Allen
EmCee: Ryan Pflumm

Decor: Lyn Graves
Angie Wright

2014, 2015, 2016 TWE Committee Chair

The TWE project embodies the essence of teamwork and chapter collaboration. Approximately 40% of our members came together donating time, services and products to make the 2012 event a huge success. With over 400 hours of volunteer time worked just the week of the event, and countless more in planning the gala, our members’ dedication and support of this project is representative of the quality and strength of our ISES chapter.

Meridith Walters

2014 Volunteer Committee Chair, ISES-GT President

Through the TWE event, our members are brought together to learn first hand what other members do in their respective areas of expertise. We often work together on events throughout the year, but in this environment, in the context of this project, the spirit of community and volunteering gives members an opportunity to help out in areas that are not their primary businesses. Every member who is interested can volunteer to help with this event. For example, photographers help set up flowers, florist help lay carpet and event managers help set lights. Members learn more about each other as well as learning new skills. Through this collaborative experience, we gain a greater understanding of what our fellow members do in their businesses.

Tracy Adams

2012 Committee SOP Chair & Foundation Liaso
The TWE gala is no easy task – while most of our members are used to working in professional event spaces; taking a cold, dirty, dark warehouse and making it a black tie event venue for 500 people on a shoe-string budget shows the range of talent, expertise and creativity of our members. We are proud to be a part of the TWE gala as it represents the best of our members!

2014 TWE Photography Provided by Beth Jarvah & Jennifer Kidd